Universal Lazy Meeting - 29-30 September 2012

Universal Lazy Meeting - 29-30 September 2012

9th Universal Lazy Meeting

Devised and organized by Gianni Fantoni, sitting on the double armchair of the Chairman of Ferrara Off cultural association and that of the head of the Il Club dei Pigri (Lazy Club).

And, what better place for an event based on goliardic looseess than a small calmand welcoming city already listed as UNESCO World Heritage?

So, lazy people from all over the world - and neighbuoring plantes - make one final effort and come to Ferrara...it's worth it! Amongs other things awaiting for you, the Lazy Kit (comprising an honorary Degree in Laziness, a towel for the effort, the Lazy guidebook and the Lazy Card, to be shown to avoif any imminent effort) and a temporary exhibition on the theme set up in the central Giardino delle Duchesse, which has been transformed into "Lazyland" for the occasion, a garden full conceptual fun and gadgets that illustrate laziness applied to everyday life, which is constantly more frantic that we would like it to be.

Basically, not much to do, but lots to see!

In order to grant to our lazy guest all the best, Astra Hotel will include in all room rates:
- Breakfast served in room, if you like, up to 11.00 a.m.!
- Late check-out, you can take the room up to 5.00 p.m., so...take it slowly...
- Free bycicles, so you can reach the Giardino delle Duchesse (500 m. distance) with the minimum effort!

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